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GreatJustice.net is a general-purpose, principles-based, cooperative Mastodon instance. We are dedicated to fostering a community based on mutual trust and respect. More information can be found on the wiki.


  • All topics are welcome, as long as they do not violate our Code of Conduct.
  • Anyone can be a member, as long as they are committed to our Core Principles. Membership may be capped at times due to limited capacity.
  • This instance interoperates with all other instances by default. Instances are only blocked or silenced in response to violations of our Federation Policy.


  • All members commit to an explicit set of Core Principles, which may evolve as membership changes.
  • The Core Principles provide common values that guide governance and conflict-resolution.
  • New members participate in both an orientation and ongoing mentorship.


  • Organizational decisions are made by participatory processes open to all members.
  • Operational decisions may be delegated to working groups or individuals, who are accountable to the general membership.
  • Property of GreatJustice.net is collectively owned by the members.
  • If a legal entity is formed, membership will represent exactly one share of ownership.