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people don't talk about it often, but the sanitary revolution had a lot more of an impact on people's quality of life than it's given credit for. plumbing, water filtration, germ theory, these are all arguably more important pillars to modern civilization than most industries or economics.

It's just not terribly glorious to celebrate the toilet as a symbol of safety and prosperity.


More colorful vegetable lunch (and vegetarian breakfast sausage). I concluded that the sausage is best fresh and hot, and that tiny potatoes are obnoxiously prone to alkaloid bitterness.

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Software devs: if your first thought is "It would be easier to write my own library," then your second thought should be "But am I willing to document and support it?"

Yesterday I saw someone riding a fat-tire bike while wearing skinny jeans. Their legs were about the diameter of the bicycle tires, which made for a surreal effect. Normally bike tires are much smaller than human legs, so instead of merely thin, they looked inhumanly spindly.


Lunch! Gloopy brown stuff is curry. Under the fruit and lettuce, bell pepper and cucumber are hiding. Also has sweet potato and pumpernickel.

@estelendur Fitbit decided that putting the tent up counted as exercise. 🤷‍♀️ ok then

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@estelendur Kent State’s colors are gold and blue, so that’s probably what’s up here.

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This is always the prettiest rest stop on the drive to visit my grandparents.

Oh no, I am confused. (Tourist board don’t care bout sports rivalries?)


A very proper post-Midwest Morris Ale beer

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Basic Income is having a moment. In 2019 I have quite frequently encountered articles both pro and con. The proposal appears to have made it past "first they ignore you" and "then they laugh at you", and reached the "then they fight you" stage.

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The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles, also known as the "Hooo you should sell that on Etsy" syndrom (wink
I had a lot of people asking me to sell my foxy stickers on Etsy as well, nope, I prefer to offer them :)

I work in a library with half-height stacks stories - 1, 1A, etc. There’s a door that opens onto a half staircase going down to 3A and right at eye level from the landing is the floor for 4 with a railing. The temptation to clamber up onto the 4th floor is Real.

The construction machines hanging out for the night at an intersection near home look like animals that have been kenneled - there are four or so in exactly enough space to hold them, surrounded by a modular metal fence.

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