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I would very much like a curated and clickbait-free summary of recent news with links to full articles for more information.

There could easily be a standard rubric for computational social science papers that would make it easy to flag common issues (in addition to freeform feedback). It would save reviewers a lot of time.

Are facial scars still hardcore if you got them from drinking herbal tea?

The "master/slave" and "master branch" terminology in programming/computing are potentially off-putting to Black Americans. Just changed default branch name to "main" in my active projects. Took 5 min.

git branch -m master main
git push origin main

I just ran some Java code I wrote in 2001 (a silly little side-scroller game). Still runs fine on the current JDK. Blows my mind that my source code archive is that old and that some of it still runs.

Agaric is offering free half-hour consultations for any cooperative seeking a new or improved website, more participatory internal or external communication, or online learning opportunities. Just ask:

To continue our best work, we are looking for referrals or partners for setting up community resource locators based on our open source free software program and event finder: and health -

Spent 10 min looking for phone. Finally resorted to "find my device" to ring remotely. The cat starts ringing.

Finally, an outlet for my obsessive research into historical Shetland textiles.

If anyone is looking for things to learn, this is your reminder that I wrote a book about Network Science (including contagion)! The examples are free online and easy to run at home.

I would be much less prepared right now if I didn't have a habit of impulse-buying PPE, tools, and survival gear from

I just gave my 4yo a timeout for screaming "rock on" at the top of her lungs on indefinite loop. What have I become?

So without , everybody trying to work from home is going to have to take a back seat to folks using the internet to watch streaming TV.

This may be the most real example of the importance of complex systems I've seen. Navigating it will depend on understanding similarities and differences between idea/virus contagion.

Interesting (but sad) to see my academic and free software communities struggling with conference organizing and covid-19. So much of our culture is centered on designing for contagion of ideas, which unfortunately can enable contagion of disease.

Is there a name for the following code anti-pattern?
There is some code (e.g. YummyCookie) and third-party code such as a mxin to add features (e.g. ChocolateChipMixin). Which then results in errors like:

Error in YummyCookie.init(): walnut is not defined

Because the mixin has added "walnut"-related code to YummyCookie, but the connection between that code and the mixin has been lost.

Are there any fediverse clients without the character limit?

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