One things that strikes me is that energy storage has been a huge barrier to adopting wind/solar, but if heating is the end goal, storing energy as heat in thermal mass is a potentially good option!

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Current special interests:
* Eco-friendly heating (passive solar, rocket mass, insulation)
* Yagi-Uda antenna design

@robby often free software is not explicitly part of my job, but writing free software helps me do my job better.

@shoofle I have a low-walled skillet that I've definitely put into carry-on.


Wordle 203 4/6*



@shoofle I'm an optimist. I think we'll make it out ok after a few generations of widespread devastation and suffering.

Randomly remembering the time MIT undergrads converted one floor of their dorm to an all-night diner for a month because why-the-hell-not?

Privacy Workshop: Surveillance Capitalism
Why should we care about our personal privacy?
Manipulation of your thoughts, is not a myth... it is a well funded science.
Join us at 3pm or 7pm ET - Wednesday the 12th of January
See more details here

@Zee @anaulin This was very interesting to watch! I'm usually a python dev, so watching rails experts work was enlightening.

I've been reading Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderlings books. Just finished the second trilogy. It hurts so good.

@shoofle Alas, I usually play on switch, so I'm on bedrock. I do have java though if you ever want to co-op.

If you're interested in exploring what a collectively owned web-based operating system designed to cultivate networks of mutual aid and mutual benefit
@anaulin and I will be doing an ensemble coding session tomorrow as we work on some of the (blockchain free!) financial infrastructure tomorrow from 6pm to 8pm PT at

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@shoofle I've been playing a lot of Minecraft over the last year! See you on java or bedrock?

I finally gave up on the matte/textured paperlike screen protector for drawing on my android tablet. It worked so well for like 2 minutes, but then the nibs would be totally destroyed.

Who should I follow on the for discussions about cooperatives, sci-fi/fantasy books, theoretical computer science, ham radio, and general geekery?

Resolving to get back into using mastodon more!

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