Finally back on mastodon after upgrading my server!

my most unpopular (yet pretty basic) opinion: things that people blame capitalism for in the current era are facets of humankind that in fact vastly pre-date the rise of capitalism in society, an will require a far greater re-engineering effort, whose shape is possibly hidden from sight by strictly anti-capitalist stances

"Sometimes it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday’s code"

-- Dan Salomon

This week's episode of FOSS & Crafts is dissertation-adjacent! @cwebber and I talk about how textile production has been used historically to frame the narrative of a nostalgic past! Plus, I give the basic rundown of the process it takes to get from sheep to sweater.

The nice thing about targeted ads about posture stuff is that just seeing them reminds me to check my posture.

You ever notice that our definition of professionalism is basically "acting like a European aristocrat"? You know, those dudes who did all the dueling and peasant-murdering?

If you have five minutes to present, that means you need to distill your presentation down, not talk faster.

Aaaand I dropped a tiny screw into my chainsaw.

CAREER CHANGE??? I changed my life by learning to build Drupal websites. It was a dooorway to freedom and learning more.

Starting on July 7th!!! Agaric offers FREE trainings on Drupal 9 site building.

In an unexpected turn of events today, Peanut demanded to watch a video of a real person getting stitches, and then a related video of an upper GI scope.

Don't assume all fathers tell bad jokes... that's a dad-hominem attack!

Just clicked an interesting autocomplete suggestion and came across "Network Structure and Governance Performance: What Makes a Difference?" by Hongtao Yi.

Institutions often approach diversity/inclusion the same way they approach infosec: don't think about it at all and then hire someone to "solve" it. It doesn't work like that. Some things have to be built in from day one.

In more humane news, the Supreme Court has decided against ending DACA. Congrats to all the Dreamers!

In case you missed it, POTUS has declared anti-fascism a terrorist group and is running an anti-anti-fascist ad campaign using the Nazi symbol for political prisoners.

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