So I've already talked about this a lot elsewhere, but the US Senate voted to make daylight savings time permanent. This is against the advice of the AASM and the single sleep expert who testified and would be terrible for folks with sleep disorders and seasonal affective disorder.

I've talked to a lot of folks who initially think they support year-round DST, but after thinking it through realize they actually want year-round standard time.

Anyone know if mastodon is working on supporting short video (tiktok style)?

Enabled a mastodon->twitter crossposter. Let's see if this works

You may have won the battle, but I just lost the game.

An interesting discussion on the similarities and differences between do-ocracy and mutual aid and the implications for open-source governance.

Still need to figure out a way to reduce or deal with all the RF interference though.

Replaced the trimmer capacitors in my IC745 ham radio. Seems to be working so far. Need to find a frequency counter to calibrate the frequency though. - Privacy Workshop: Intro to Basic Security Tools
How to Check what information is coming in and out of a system, using netstat, tcpdump and nmap
Join us at 3pm - Wednesday the 26th of January
See more detail here

One things that strikes me is that energy storage has been a huge barrier to adopting wind/solar, but if heating is the end goal, storing energy as heat in thermal mass is a potentially good option!

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Current special interests:
* Eco-friendly heating (passive solar, rocket mass, insulation)
* Yagi-Uda antenna design


Wordle 203 4/6*


Randomly remembering the time MIT undergrads converted one floor of their dorm to an all-night diner for a month because why-the-hell-not?

Privacy Workshop: Surveillance Capitalism
Why should we care about our personal privacy?
Manipulation of your thoughts, is not a myth... it is a well funded science.
Join us at 3pm or 7pm ET - Wednesday the 12th of January
See more details here

I've been reading Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderlings books. Just finished the second trilogy. It hurts so good.

If you're interested in exploring what a collectively owned web-based operating system designed to cultivate networks of mutual aid and mutual benefit
@anaulin and I will be doing an ensemble coding session tomorrow as we work on some of the (blockchain free!) financial infrastructure tomorrow from 6pm to 8pm PT at

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