Here's a chrome extension I wrote to insert your mastodon timeline into your facebook timeline (desktop only).

Why do this? I can't leave fb because of the social connections I have, but I want to be more active on mastodon. This makes it easier to check mastodon when I'm talking to my fb peeps.

How computer-supported cooperation researchers make decisions.

Began our workshop by rearranging the lecture-style seating into roundtable style. Always a good sign.

Programming in ruby is a lot like trying to write a novel using only autocomplete.

This is an awesome rocket stove built entirely out of four cinder blocks.

I did a plain boost but I should say more about this thread:

"Open-source" as in "having access to source code to see how something works" is great. But as @wohali details, the "foundation" model is highly susceptible to capture by large corporations. We (=ordinary users of computers) urgently need a co-operative governance structure and a licensing model that makes enough money to pay contributors. I wish I knew how to build that.

Hot Take: The ability to live increasingly depends on access to online services, making us cyborgs. Traditional states are defined by a monopoly on physical violence. Platforms like FB are becoming state-like by asserting a right to virtual violence.

If you're excited about Google's quantum computing news and want to try QC out yourself, I can highly recommend Christine Corbett Moran's book. It walks through how to access IBM's real quantum computer using a free API.

Is there a name for the collection of odds and ends that accumulates on top of clothes dryers (removed from laundry pockets, or found in bottom of washer)?

And remember, is not an "Obama-era rule." It was a fundamental part of the internet from the very beginning, but only came under attack in recent years after streaming internet video arose as a new competitor to cable television.

Investigative reporters have found that a consortium of cable companies hired a firm to file as many as 9.6 million comments against using stolen identities.

This oral history of James Gosling is an amazing listen for anyone who cares about the computing history, Java, Unix, networking, college admissions, free software, software law.

LT: After MS acquired github, I stopped using them host code I release in talks and papers. I am glad I did and plan to further disentangle myself from the platform.

"Microsoft-owned GitHub will renew a $200,000 contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, despite concerns about the Trump administration’s policies, according to a leaked email."

Just found this while teaching a class on Web Applications.

i3Detroit cleared its $50,000 fundraising goal! Because we cleared $50K, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will give us an additional $50K! We can fit out our doubled floor space with a fire surpressant system, a firewall, and other upgrades.

Student: do you actually need to do this when you're working in the real world?

Me: [bubble pipe appears out of nowhere] Gather 'round young'ns, and lemme tell y'all about two double-aught nine.

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