I want a smoothie. I want a smoothie with lots of protein. But I want it to be hot. I want a hot smoothie with lots of protein. Soup. Soup is what I want.

I've found a lot of experimental studies on deliberation/consensus in small groups, but very few theoretical frameworks. I feel like I'm probably missing something from Comms lit...

Today in single points of failure news:

"Unable to Retrieve Money, Cryptocurrency Investors Want Dead Executive Exhumed"


Over on birdsite, Nathan Matias asks "has anyone written yet about how to keep people safe & manage the risks of social tech if the big firms are broken up?"

Thought some folks here might have constructive input.


Any rails peeps willing to help me take a look at a very weird caching issue?

Lately, I've been seeing the word "pod" used to describe a small group of people who are also part of a larger network. I like it.

Is there a name for the practice of filling the space around a vertical video with a blurry version of the original? Do we get to name a new thing?!

OK. Goose game. Why am I only sometimes able to pick things up?

Wow. In an effort to prevent workers from participating in collective action, Google "installed a tool on employees’ web browsers that would flag internal calendar events requiring more than 10 meeting rooms or 100 participants." nytimes.com/2019/11/20/technol

folks: Planning a study involving strangers discussing political/policy issues pseudonymously online. Best practices for moderation in online experiments?

Here's a chrome extension I wrote to insert your mastodon timeline into your facebook timeline (desktop only). github.com/elplatt/FeedParty

Why do this? I can't leave fb because of the social connections I have, but I want to be more active on mastodon. This makes it easier to check mastodon when I'm talking to my fb peeps.

How computer-supported cooperation researchers make decisions.

Began our workshop by rearranging the lecture-style seating into roundtable style. Always a good sign.

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