As much as people like debating things online, it's very hard to recruit for large-scale deliberation studies. Something my PhD work has left me pondering.

Q: Why do astronomers make bad music critics?

A: They think everything is metal.

I've been reading the hobbit to Peanut (6yo) and I'd forgotten how delightfully silly the book is.

Pandemics can only be understood by looking at interactions between people, not individual behavior. When R>1, your actions affect others more than they affect you. And your outcome depends mostly on the actions of others. This is what "individual risk" policy misses.

Public commentary on AAPS dropping mask requirement:

50%: "Here is scientific evidence that this threatens the life of my child, please don't."

50%: "We shouldn't have to wear masks because freedom. I like looking at kid's faces. Normalcy. Let the disableds die."

aaaand my (high-risk) child's school will be leaving masking decisions to "individual choice" during high community transmission this year.

@elplatt That is my experience. What is fascinating is that the NPO staff think in terms of "showing appreciation" for volunteers in their circumscribed roles in lieu of seeing them as valuable potential frontline organizers.

Ah, I have to reboot to use my headphones because I live in the ffffffuture.

Let's see how many desk rejections I can get on this paper I've been working on since 2019!

Every workplace should have a shower for bike commuters and a salad bar. thankyouforcomingtomytedtalk

Current grad school status: finally out of the storm but haven't changed into dry clothes yet.

Cyan should be a standard rainbow color and not orange. Don't at me.

A squirrel moved into our tool shed, so now I'm spending the afternoon building it alternate accommodations. My daughter named it "breadloaf".

Doing my best to keep CommunityBridge floating, out of my pocket. Please share our link to anyone that could possibly contribute and keep it flying with even $5... or by letting me know you can contribute TIME by joining a few strategy meetings,

Even just sharing the link will help to amplify our mission to protect privacy for people in times of surveillance and prosecution for people.


The cognitive dissonance of a company that funds "Racial Equity and Data Justice" postdocs while literally building concentration camps.

How did my phone screen protector migrate 2mm to one side? And how do I fix it without replacing?

Extremely petty pet peeve (petty peeve?): "analog" doesn't mean "non-electronic", it means representing something with a continuous range of values, like the ridges on an album or the electric voltage on a microphone.

Now that I've defended my phd, I'm keeping an eye out for opportunities related to worker cooperatives, civic tech, and/or large scale deliberation.

Moving a bunch of stuff to a fresh new server. Is there a way to get an SSL certificate with certbot before switching the DNS to point to the new server?

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