"Embrace, Extend, and Exterminate"

Phrase used internally by Microsoft to describe its strategy of extending standards with proprietary capabilities, and then using those differences to disadvantage competitors.


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What is the thing you most wish everyone else in the world understood?

Me writing conclusions: "I already said this twice. GOTO introduction."

Anyone working on cool free software for collaboration that I might not know about?

TFW you see an ad for something you were *thinking* about searching for.

The current way we use emoji is going to vex literature, archival, and history students for centuries to come.

"WTF is everyone calling eachother a ::pinching hand:: ::eggplant::?!?!"

Contacted a lawyer re my father's medicaid being illegally deactivated by MDHHS. Received some top notch advice: "you should probably do something about that." Also "have you tried calling?" (phone number goes to VM, of which I have left ~12)

A very short story, apropos nothing.

"I'm sorry, I must have left it in my other pants."

"You're not wearing pants."

Q: Why can't you build two piers next to each other? ...

"Cryptocurrency exchange says it can't access some $190 million in bitcoin and other funds after its founder ... died at age 30 — without sharing the password for his encrypted laptop."


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