personal opinion: any hardware or software that (either)

1. deals with someone's personal or information security

2. goes into someone's body

should be open source and community-modifiable/upgradable.

Kazakhstan is requiring all of its citizens to give them the ability to read their encrypted internet traffic. This is the problem with relying on technical systems with single points of failure.

So the government of Kazakhstan is MITM'ing all SSL'ed traffic

The way they are doing this is by adding a Certificate Authority (CA) that allows them to snoop all traffic.

This is, by the way, why SSL is criticized as being "only as secure as the weakest CA in your system". Here it's deliberate, but that's a problem in general.

Microsoft's business model is being willing to stoop lower than anyone else. They don't make good products. They harass and intimidate the people who do. They rely on vendor lock-in, planned obsolescence, and outright extortion (through the BSA). They can't exist ethically.

I've finished writing part 1 of "OcapPub: Towards networks of consent", which is to say the "Conceptual Overview" section

There's a lot there already, and we haven't even gotten to Part 2, the "How to Build It" section yet. I'll begin work on that tomorrow.

What's here already is more or less an explanation of *why* OcapPub is taking the particular direction it is taking, and why other approaches run into serious problems.

Turns out that testing tools for organizing >100 people is tedious. Whodathunk.

Sometimes I really mourn all the social connection I've lost by moving back to and staying in Michigan.

Empathy is necessary to be a good software engineer. You need to think from the perspective of someone unfamiliar with the code base.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that hierarchy is the opposite of chaos.

Random observations: before cars, street intersections were places you were likely to have social interactions with your neighbors.

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Computer programming is kind of like walking a fraying tightrope 10 stories up while covered in over-caffeinated squirrels.

Well, it seems Google Pay has permanently suspended my account without giving a reason. This happen to anyone else?

I would like to thank for making laundry folding bearable.

Want to have a say in how the Programming side of Penguicon works? Or just curious how we make it happen? Come see the process as we re-vamp it, or give your input on how to make it better.

Hey , we just had our first case of violent bigots showing up on our timeline. Their instance has been silenced. The wiki has a list of moderated instances

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